Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I've gotta come up with some kind of counter or symbol to keep count of how many lizards my kitty gets this year. With winter's cold weather not too many lizards are around - I think they hibernate? - so no lizard deaths. But when the weather warms up the lizards like to bask in the sun and kitty just can't resist the temptation. And if the stupid lizards would give up that "defense" mechanism of playing dead, they might have a chance. But usually they don't, despite my efforts at keeping kitty otherwise occupied, locked up or constantly checked on.

It was warm last week. The lizard count is up to 2 dead, 3 rescued. All weekend I just knew that there was a lizard under the washer and dryer just by the way kitty was staring at it. And stalking it. Not leaving it. And sure enough, I find the poor, dark, cold, tailless lizard under my chair. Today she's stalking a gorgeous lizard with a full tail by the bricks at my parents house. We'll see how this one plays out...meanwhile, I have to think of a way to keep track of the count here.

We get mostly fence lizards but some alligator lizards - which bite!

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