Saturday, May 14, 2005

a whole week

It's been a week since Josh left. It will be a week until he gets home. It feels like a week since I've last sat down to take any time for myself and write.

Kaylie started out sick last Saturday. Just a cough and cold, but that coughing bullshit is hard for me, what with all the lovely issues I have. I know it's hard on her too, so believe me I try my best to comfort her. Then Claire got sick. Stayed home from school on Thursday cause she coughed all day. I'm not mentioning the unthinkable because I really can't deal with anyone else being sick right now and so far, so good.

Something (most likely a lizard) crawled up inside my washing machine and died. I kid you not. Now I know what decomposition smells like. Shudder. If it weren't so freaking hot outside I might even take it upon myself to take the washer apart - it's that bad. But no, it's 91 degrees outside and I'm just barely managing to keep groceries in the house and the bills paid. The weight of the world is literally on my shoulders. (LITERALLY! Hee. That skit was on MadTV the other day)

I have a sharp pain in the center and to the left of my chest. Is that bad?

We're kicking off summer early tomorrow and going to Steph's to swim. Thank goodness the weather is back. Normal, hot California weather. The kind of weather that we pay good money for! This is such a great time of year - school's ending, Open House is coming up (still one of my favorite school events!), all the stores break out the red, white and blue decorations, the sand toys, the shorts, the sunscreen. I get to break out the summer clothes. Pack up the sweaters and long sleeves. We get to play at the park in the evening when it's still warm. Summer fruits and vegetables. Barbecuing. Swimming all day at Steph's. Boogie boarding at the beach. Sand everywhere - and I don't even mind! Sleeping good, long, tired sleeps until we get up and start all over again the next day. No set bedtimes. We can stay out late every night. I love summer.

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