Saturday, June 04, 2005

Combattants de Foo

Deep breath.
I'm back from the dress rehearsal for the MTV Movie Awards at the Shrine Auditorium. It was VERY cool to see Josh in his element and at work. It was cool to see the after party lounge they'd set up in the middle of the back of the Shrine. (red and white theme...mostly white with red accents a la was hosted by Virgin, natch) It was cool to see the staging area for the three bands that are performing - Eminem, Mariah Carey and the Foo Fighters. It was intimidating also, knowing that I was wearing a soft pass that said "Talent" and not quite knowing how to work my way around backstage. Josh was busy, so I couldn't ask him for help. But one trip to the restrooms and I figured my way around. Phew!

Since I got there later in the rehearsal (notice I didn't say "late"!) I missed Eminem and Mariah Carey. Yes, I was crushed. Not. There were random crew people standing in for the presenters and they each went through the presenter's lines. The teleprompter screen was HUGE! I fell in love with all the cameras. I never thought a sea of lenses and cameras would make such an impression on me. The extendable camera was just awesome. I couldn't stop watching it. (must find out its technical name!) Even the regular old film cameras were all new and digital. No more looking in the lens - the videographer has the camera strapped to his shoulder in a harness and a small screen the size of a GameBoy that goes around the front to chest level. That was tight.

On to Jimmy Fallon. What a funny, funny guy. They had some good jokes in there and Jimmy was wearing a green tie. However, he wasn't in full makeup (tsk, tsk) and you could really tell the difference. He had a dark mustache shadow and his face actually looked a little chubby. Swollen? Sorry Jimmy - stage makeup makes a difference. I still love you.

The piece de resistance was, of course, my beloved Foo Fighters. Their backdrop was a bunch of speakers jumbled on top of each other. Got to watch soundcheck, complete with the roadies tuning the instruments and doing sound check. Then, suddenly, Dave himself was onstage in a black KISS Gene Simmons t-shirt. He's much taller than I thought, and much skinnier. But he also has beautiful skin, which is something you'd never know. They did three runs of their new single "The Best of You" and one without vocals. I love how Dave closes his eyes when he sings. Everyone was really spot on and there weren't any kinks to work out. Josh gave me earplugs just in case but I much preferred the full effect of sitting second row center. Yes! Second row center! In the "lounge" with uncomfortable chairs and a few couches. Watch for it if you watch the show. I sat next to Ziyi Zhang and Johnny Knoxville's seats. Dave cracked a few jokes on the mic and he and Taylor did a few minutes of jamming back and forth, playing Sting covers and probably a riff off their new album, or something they just made up. Whatever, I hadn't heard it before. Seeing those little moments are what makes an experience like today's priceless. The natural banter, the smooth merging of drums and guitar between old friends. No need to communicate their next moves - they know each other's. Very, very cool.

Other things I forgot to mention: I also saw Yellowcard perform their cover of Simple Plan's "Don't You (Forget About Me)" from The Breakfast Club. Great cover and an incredible montage from the movie. I loved it. By the way, when did the movie become grainy? Am I that old? Oy. Also got to see the Tom Cruise montage (way too long) that will be played when Katie Holmes (or is it Kate now?) presents him with some generational old fogey award. The montage was good, but all I could think was "Tom - the magic is over." Sad, really. But I really don't see him as being much more than a sum of the characters he's played. I think he's lost track of himself and who he is, or was. Anyway, I'm over you Tom. Gotta keep on keepin' on.

Can't wait to meet the infamous Betty tomorrow and catch up with my October homies. I can't believe our kids are almost 8. EIGHT!

Hats off to anyone who makes it through my rambling about today's events. I'm sure I'll tweak the details as I remember more and digest the day.

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