Friday, September 16, 2005

I've said it before

...and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I just LOVE Claire's school. Technically it's a parent education class, but it's so much more. Claire has been in this program since she was about 18 months old. Now she's in the oldest class for 4-5 year olds who will start kindergarten in 2006. We have the same teacher as last year, Ms. Rena, but the routine is completely different than the 3-4 year old class. Here's how the school day goes:

  • walk in, say good morning to Ms. Rena (out loud) and mommy signs in
  • Claire finds her name card from the table and gives it to Ms. Rena
  • work at a table activity (fine motor skills, word games, puzzles, etc.)
  • after the table activity, the kids can continue playing in the class or choose to go outside
  • 10:15 am, clean up (kids - table games, moms - wipe down tables and prep for snack)
  • 10:20 am, everyone's favorite - CIRCLE TIME!! Wednesday is the day for girls to share and Friday is the day for boys to share. After sharing Ms. Rena writes a child's name on her little chalkboard and that child goes up to do the flag salute.. After everyone does the flag salute (kindergarten style! "please stand" and "please be seated") other kids have a chance to say the pledge in front of the class After flag salute is whatever topic is being covered that week. This week the kids learned their first and last names, their house number, street name, city name and birthdate. Each has a chance to recite it in front of the class. Then we read a story, play Simon Says and hop off for snack. (today was watermelon chunks, goldfish crackers and some kind of Chinese gel/yogurt thing that none of the kids touched) Mom snacks were moon cakes for the Chinese moon festival (I'll google it later, I have no clue what it's about other than - duh! - the moon) and green tea. (I, of course, was way too cool with my Voss water. Hah. As if I'd ever buy something like that on my own!)
  • after snack is mom's discussion time, then outside play time.
  • at 11:30-ish it's time to clean up (bikes inside, put away sand toys, cover sand box, etc.)
  • then comes craft time and of course, the craft is directly related to what topic we're covering that week. (today was making name puzzles in the shape of a caterpillar)
  • clean up, back to the rug for the adios song, and we're outta there!

Of course the moms stay around and chit chat for a while, (especially those of us who are sometimes husband-less because they're giving their lifeblood to an awards show) and the kids run around. Next week after class, we're going to lunch with Gigi and her mom Rosie. Poor Gigi was bitten by one of the kids from the 18-24 month old class. Not only did this little menace chomp down, but he didn't let go until Rosie pried his mouth open. Like a pit bull, I kid you not. The mom was SO not concerned and barely apologized. Meanwhile, Gigi has a huge welt in the shape of this devilchild's teeth over her eyebrow. And yes, it DID break the skin.

Hey, I can sympathize with the Biter's mother. I've known Biters myself - even loved one! He's now 8 years old and I can promise you he doesn't bite people anymore. But when you know you're dealing with a Biter, it's your duty as a parent to shadow the kid and make extra sure he's not using other humans as a chew toy. Ugh, it was emotional. All the moms from the 4-5 year old class started milling around Rosie with our arms crossed. Mess with one of our babies...we'll see about that, bitch!

Now to console Kaylie since she's not allowed to spend the night at Hannah's house OR call over there to see if they'll invite her over. Mean mommy!

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