Wednesday, February 08, 2006

hey frectis!

Guess who's back? Back again. Carmer's back. Tell a friend.

Really I'm back to share a loverly "could only happen to me" story from yesterday, but I wanted to start off with this meme/poll/questionnaire thing that Frectis sent me a few weeks ago (but in my mind it was just a few days ago) cause I miss her. And I guess I have been shirking my friend entertaining duties for some time now.

Four Jobs You Have Had in Your Life:
-love slave
-fake mannequin modeling prom dresses

Four Movies You Would Watch Over and Over
(I'm not a movie head, so I'm digging deep here)
-Alice In Wonderland
-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original version)
-Half Baked
-any 80's era John Hughes movie

Four Places You Have Lived
-Chatsworth, CA
-Reseda, CA
-Valencia, CA
-the other side of Hacienda Heights, CA

Four TV Shows You Like To Watch
-Family Guy
-Project Runway
-Law & Order
-Wife Swap/Trading Spouses/Supernanny/Nanny 911-types

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation
-Cape Cod, MA
-Catalina Island, CA
-Austin, TX
-Las Vegas, NV

Four Websites You Visit Daily

Four Favorite Foods
-Ben & Jerry's
-potato salad
-the ubitiquous "big salad"

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
-a warm beach (doesn't even have to be tropical)

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging
-Gretchen, and only Gretchen cause I'm a sad, lonely blogger who has been out of blogging for the past few months


FRECTIS said...

Yay! Now I can quit clicking on your blog 4,563 times a day to see if you've updated it with ANYTHING! :) And thanks for another celeb site to stalk. Sheesh, it's not like I need anymore gossip...

Robin said...

Amen! I was so glad to see a new post.

Robin said...

You've been tagged!

Laura said...

more big cheesy grins that you guys even noticed :):):) I'm still catching up on y'alls blogs.