Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I don't have anything particularly witty to say except that I'm tired. Kaylie's sick and I'm tired. Remember those ear infections? I SWEAR I GAVE HER THE ANTIBIOTICS. Okay, maybe not the last day or two (why would I admit this when I will get so many virtual smackdowns about it?) but I gave her like 5 days worth. Well, she got sick again and the same thing happened all over - sore throat, cough, asthma attack, ear infection. Steroids, albuterol, antibiotics. At least this time she had the decency to have a fever! She's been out of school all this week and depending on how she sleeps (or doesn't, hence my exhaustion) tomorrow will be her first day back. Cross your fingers for a cough-less night!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, Viki here from your Oct list. No virtual smacks for you, Laura! The length of the series of antibiotics, while adjusted per dose for a patient's mass, is somewhat arbitrary, because the degree of infection isn't measured quanitatively - and so, it's not surprising that with a severe infection, sometimes a single round of antibiotics is just not sufficient and another round is needed. I've had this happen once with my girls and once with me - we got better, but within days of finishing up the prescription as ordered, we were SICK again. You and Kaylie have my sympathy!! -- Viki