Sunday, April 02, 2006

calgon? anyone?

So seriously - when it rains, it pours. And then sometimes it hails.

Something's wrong with my doggie. He's lethargic, kinda panting, not going outside or moving around much. If I didn't think something was wrong, I'd kinda like him like this. So I picked him up to see if he could stand and he could, but didn't put any weight on his left hind leg. I helped him outside and he started walking a bit but still limping. The knee joint on the leg is completely swollen to about the size of a golf ball, so there's the problem. He must have hurt himself when he was flipping around the house last night or showing off his new trick of jumping on and off the beds. Poor puppy boy! So we're off to the vet tomorrow morning.

And then my mom called. I was whining to her about my sick kids and my injured dog and she said, "Yeah well, you think that's bad? Come outside." My stomach sank. Her car....her beautiful car....crunched. Nearly the whole front end. My dad was driving (and apparently it was his fault) and my first thought was that he doesn't wear his seatbelt! Thankfully he's okay, with just a nice goose egg on his Homer Simpson head.

Sheesh! And here I was allllll excited about Daylight Savings time and that extra hour of sunlight. (ahhhhh, sunlight!)

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