Thursday, April 13, 2006

a little update

Where do I begin? The last ten days have been a whirlwind. The kids are on spring break right now which means that they're home allllllllll the time. And Josh is on a well-deserved vacation right now which means that he is also home alllllllll the time. That's quite a lot to get used to all at once! And Buddy is still crippled, Kaylie is on her third round of antibiotics for her third ear infection in six weeks. I'm tired. So very, very, very tired.

Buddy's leg turned out to be dislocated and mysteriously popped back into place. The swelling has gone down, the bandages (for support) are off and it's increasingly hard to keep Buddy's activity level down. He's on an anti-inflammatory and "limited activity" (ha) for the next few weeks. Ironically, the day I took him in to the vet I told the vet that I'd sign up for the dislocation. "Just go ahead and note that on his chart. Dislocation. I'll be happy with that. He'll be happy with that. Let's just go with what is the easiest to deal with, shall we?" HA! I love being right. I was actually not as concerned with being right this time as not wanting to have to pay for major surgery for my dog. I just pray that Buddy never figures out how to do the Tigger Bounch like Bruno. The last time he saw Bruno do that, he was baffled. He just couldn't figure out how to get his ass off the ground. It was hysterical.

So that's Buddy's update.

Kaylie....well, I don't know what's up with her. Is it allergies? Asthma? Both? Just a series of sucky colds? Whatever...she's on her third round of antibiotics. Let's cross our fingers that this one works, shall we?

Next week: back to school, back to work. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.
Peace out.

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