Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The Jetta is totalled. Like that character in "A Chorus Line", I feel nothing.

Here's the story of the accident:
Josh was on his way to get Kaylie from her first day of school. He crossed the intersection/signal nearest to our house which is notorious for its accidents. One of the corner houses replaces their wall yearly due to cars crashing through it. I'm sure if I lived in an area where people obey traffic laws rather than pretending that they're back in the homeland, we might all be a little safer. But I digress. The high school had just let out and a 16-year old male driver with a provisional license (you know, the kind where you're not allowed to have two other passengers in the car?) and two buddies in the car turned left in front of Josh, who was going straight. No turn signal from the other car. He turned early in the street when Josh had already crossed the center of the intersection and the first words out of his mouth were "Dude, I didn't even see you there." Well obviously, dumbass. Turned out he wasn't so dumb. The first thing he did was dump his buddies out of the car. His 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser has a dent in the bumper and that's it. He's on his parents insurance and has only had his license since late February.

Totalled, in a 20 mph accident. I can't stop shaking my head over it.

Insert rant here about effing teenaged drivers and how they're not being held accountable for their actions and how this contributes to the demise of civilized society. And about how someone should have filed a police report and gone to the doctor when everyone else was telling him to.

Keep your fingers crossed for news of a spanking new Honda Accord, hopefully with a sunroof!
(I've never had a car with a sunroof before and I think we deserve one now)

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