Wednesday, January 31, 2007

happy birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday. Wanna know what I did?

  • got the best happy birthday song and dance from my girls :)
  • took Claire home from school early because she's sick
  • waited all day for a courier to come which he finally did at 8:00 pm (our quoted time was between 10am-12pm)
  • didn't get a nap
  • a beautiful arrangement of flowers from my very best friend Gretchen

It's amazing how things change as you get older. My birthday is now little else to me than just another day. I don't have time for celebrations or "special" events during the week. I haven't even celebrated Claire's birthday in class yet!

I want to throttle the parents who send their kids to school sick. Obviously sick. Claire knows exactly who it is that got her sick and is pissed about it. She goes down hard, poor girl. Fever and drippy eyes and chest congestion like no other. Damned sick kids.

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