Sunday, January 28, 2007

please excuse laura from updating her blog for the past two weeks...

So excuse for not posting in forever is, of course, The Shingles. Or Leg Herpes, or just "the herpes" when I was really feeling grouchy. My G-D is that some kind of pain! The nerve pain just shoots up and down and all over the place. My pain was mostly in my lower back and legs even though the rash was only on one leg. Oh, and I have pictures, but no photo editing program to resize them and photobucket isn't being nice to me, so I'll spare you the leg herpes for tonight. But photos are coming, I promise.

Apparently not many people are able to get through a bout of shingles without pain meds. I did cave and ask for some Darvocet about 14 days in, but was declined. I don't want to hear anyone (Josh and Steph) say that I have a low tolerance for pain ever again!

Josh is gone to Miami for the SuperBowl, so I'm left alone to wallow in the misery that is January.

I promise I'll try to be a good poster until Joshie comes home. Then he goes off to work at the Grammys and Jake comes out to stay with us and go to rehearsals. I'm so excited and I'll probably have to send both girls to a convent, or at least their Nana's until Jake is gone.

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