Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hell has frozen right over

No, your eyes don't deceive you. I can hardly believe it either, but that is actually new flooring in our posession that is scheduled to be installed next Saturday. Josh is currently pulling up the toxic, asthmatic mess that is (was) our nearly twenty year old carpet. What a trooper! Thanks Joshie.

The new flooring was supposed to be installed before "the baby" (Claire) I was newly pregnant with started to crawl. That was the deal back in May 2000. Nine months later Claire's precipitious birth (four hours) and large size (10 pounds, 1 ounce, I'll never stop bragging about that) caused a wee bit of a mess on the carpet where the tarp Frectis so carefully set up missed about three inches, probably when I moved from the birth pool to the couch when it was clear that Claire was...well, stuck. Anyhoo, "birth matter" doesn't smell too good when it's soaked into dusty, nasty carpet. Freckty even used a whole bottle of peroxide as soon as humanly possible, to no avail. We had to cut a good-sized square out of the middle of the carpet. Affectionately dubbed "Claire's Spot", we had to get a picture before the carpet was ceremoniously dragged outside and burned. Just kidding, but it's a thought. I'll try to get an album together to show the devastation over the next week. Wish us luck!


frectis said...

OMG! New flooring!! Woo hoo!! I remember exactly how the house looked on birth day! ;) I don't think I was ever there before or after, LOL! I'll drop by after you spiff it up :)

john brown "king of the burbs" said...