Thursday, April 19, 2007

'M' is for Mia!

Today was a very special day.
Ever since the beginning of school and the introduction of sharing in the theme of the letter of the week, Claire decided she wanted to bring Mia for 'M' week. Once Steph got knocked up again, I figured there was no way a school visit was going to happen, even from the sheer exhaustion factor, not to mention poor Steph's progesterone poisoning. But she stepped it up, overcame the hellacious nausea and came out to both girls classes! She gave a phenomenal Q&A session with the kindergarteners...ever been a kindergarten teacher/sub much? The kids were enthralled with Mia, her smiles, her reactions, the little hand and finger play songs we was so much fun.

So thank you, my Stephy. You really came through today and went above and beyond. As you'll find out soon enough, when someone goes out of their way for your kid, the gratitude is immeasurable. Love you!

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Joshua said...

i second that emotion!