Tuesday, May 01, 2007

best cereal ever

I am not a cereal person. Before I banished breakfast all together, I was a hot-breakfast kind of person forced to eat cereal every day. I had to force myself to eat all sorts of yicky cereal during those early years. However, there have always been two standbys: Frosted Mini Wheats and Rice Krispies.
The Rice Krispies I love are plain, straight from the blue box and doused with liberal amounts of sugar, which is best eaten with the milk at the bottom of the bowl. If there are still sugar granules at the bottom of the bowl, you did it right.
Last week I found my latest cereal obsession: Rice Krispies Treats cereal! I've never seen it in any store until last week at Superior. I ate the whole box of cereal over the course of three days. Today I went to three different stores to look for the dang cereal but they only have it at the ONE store. I only bought two boxes and am not sure I bought enough. WHAT IF THEY DISCONTINUE IT?! Yes, I love the cereal that much. Paul, you'd dig it too - if you come over this week and there happens to be any left, I'll treat you to a bowl. (hee! double entendre!) Gretchen, I wish you could appreciate my love for this cereal but I'm sure it's just way too artificial for you. Like Velveeta. I love it, you would never. :)
And what is this fabled frosted Rice Krispies cereal I hear of? Anyone?


Gretchen said...

Heh. Velveeta has its place...we used to use it as fishing bait.

And I loves me some artificial stuff. But like with everything else, I'm picky about my artificials. Only certain ones.

Anonymous said...

I ate a whole box of Cookie Crisps in about the same time frame last week..

I feel ya!!! I feel Ya!!

Anonymous said...

Went to the store today...no Frosted Rice Krispies, BUT, they did have Rice Kridpies Treats cereal!