Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I broke my back so I'm blogging from a Mac

I know the formatting is jacked up. I'll fix it just as soon as I can stand up straight again. Yeah, I threw my back out - again. No one to blame except myself for not exercising. If my core gets weak (and add five pounds of pure sugar to my gut...I'm sure that helped) and I don't watch myself, one wrong move is all it takes to completely screw my lower back out.

This time I had the nerve to cough while sitting cross-legged and letting the previously mentioned "sugargut" hang freely. Twang! The pain was instant. With the help of adrenaline I was able to attempt a few stretches and make it back to my bedroom. I told Josh what happened. I couldn't get in bed yet; I was still doubled over and the spasm wouldn't let me move much. I was hobbling in circles, bent over at the waist like a hurt animal. I managed to get in bed and pass out.

I napped for a few hours and then woke up and had to go to the bathroom, which is three feet from the edge of my bed. By the time I was done I was dripping with freezing cold sweat. THAT'S how much pain I was in. It was so weird to actually see the sweat spring up all over.

Joshie made a chiropractor appointment for me at 3:00. Getting there was....laborious, but I did it with my honey's help. I was massaged, electronically stimulated, heated up, tractioned and an attempt was made to adjust me but it was a no-go. My appointment today? The same, except that now I'm able to walk on my own and stand up almost all the way straight. It's a fabulous look, I tell you. Half-bent over, shuffling along down the hallway. All I do is shuffle a lap around the house then lay down and do some stretches before I hobble back to bed, which really sucks since my Joshie is home now! We have a week to hang out before he goes back to work and here I am, gimped up in bed. Wah.

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