Wednesday, July 11, 2007

my new favorite photo

seagull & sandcastle
Originally uploaded by laura carmer

We went to the beach yesterday with Bryan, Steph, Mia and our girls. It was eh, as far as beach days go because it was overcast but being there with Mia made it all worthwhile.

I walked around and took pictures with earplugs in my ears to protect them from the cool breeze. (yes they're that sensitive!) Josh has been ridiculously generous lately with his camera and allowing me free time to delve further into my flickr addiction and resulting hours of necessary reading and experimenting with Photoshop and anything else digital photography. Oh yeah, I'm also learning Mehndi.

The girls don't seem to be having the greatest summer. They're bored. I understand the need for summer day camps and stuff now. Still, we do a lot of swimming (Claire can totally swim now!) and visiting cousins and gardening in Josh's garden. Poor, deprived children, right?

The beach photo is my favorite from yesterday. Josh built the sandcastle (which had a moat around it too, natch) and tossed some mixed nuts to attract the seagulls. (there were more) I just happened to catch this guy right before he landed. The other favorites can be seen here.

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