Saturday, August 04, 2007

the latest dog "mauling"

I am SO tired of hearing about the dog mauling at Ving Rhames' home. ALLEGEDLY, two mastiffs were responsible for the death of the caretaker. However, none of the bites were deemed to be fatal. Oh, so then he must have had a heart attack while fleeing from the dogs, right? There's no way that the man had a heart attack and died - that never happens - and the dogs tried to drag him to the house, or poked around and tried to revive him. No, that never happens either. It's ALL the dogs fault. Not the other dogs on the property, just the two mastiffs. AND THEN some douche bag reporter on Channel 4 (hang on while I get his name to properly identify his stupidity) says, "And pit bull terriers are a [breed] of mastiff." UM NO, asshole. They are not. A pitbull TERRIER is a TERRIER mix, not a mastiff mix. Please go spread your ignorance elsewhere.

I'm telling you now - those dogs had nothing to do with the caretaker's death. The end.

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