Sunday, August 05, 2007

sweet tomatoes

Aren't they so cute? And SWEET! They're called sungold tomatoes and they're one of the sweetest varities of cherry tomatoes. But Bonehead Jones over here (me) was sure the stupid things weren't ripe for weeks because they're orange. We let a LOT of them get overripe and fall off. Today I finally looked up some info on the variety and learned that they were ripe. When I harvested them they were splitting in my hands, they were so ready! And yes, they're every bit as sweet as they're supposed to be. Just freaking gorgeous. This is as red as they get - beautifully sun-kissed sungold orange.

I'm making pasta with olive oil, garlic, basil from the garden and a chunky sauce with these tomatoes. Come by if you're in the area or any other time, for that matter, to try the tomatoes. The plant can give up to 1,000 tomatoes in a season. SAH-WEET!

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sharonmckenna said...

Laura -

I did that exact same thing the year I planted sungold tomatoes. This year I have yellow pear tomatoes and PURPLE tomatoes (they're cherries) and they are tasty. The yellow pears are not as sweet as my red grape tomatoes, but they are substantial. It's fun to plant so many different types.

Sharon in the land of fabulous tomatoes - New Jersey