Sunday, September 02, 2007

the kind of hot that just isn't funny anymore

Yesterday it was 109. Today it got up to 108 in the late afternoon, around 3:00. As soon as the sun went down people were out en masse. Too was still 98 degrees! It's humid. It's sticky. AND IT'S TOO FUCKING HOT!

In other news, I got bit by a dog. Yes, bit by a dog. One more time, for those of you who missed it:
I GOT BIT BY A FUCKING DOG. A neighbor's tiny teacup miniature chihuahua was out loose in the street again (for the second time in two weeks) and it was across the very busy street from its home. Damn it. I had to jump out of the car, halt traffic (one car, but still) and call the dog to me. It trotted at me with its ears back, knowing it was caught, and curled up at my feet. We're still in the middle of the street, there's no other option than to pick the stupid thing up, which is the last thing it wants me to do. Damn it again.

I halted my first attempt when it was clear I was going to be bitten. I had to get my hand in there behind the little apple-shaped head and as I did, the thing turned back and snapped at my hand. As far as dog bites go, it's not too bad and the ultimate revenge was carrying it back across the street by the back of its neck and tossing it on the doorstep. I knocked, they answered, the dog scuttled inside. I told them it was the second time this week I chased the little fucker back home. They feigned appropriate shock. I told them the thing bit me. They offered a band-aid, which I refused. I did, however, offer my bloody hand to shake.

Now my knuckle has a puncture wound on either side. They're reddish, swollen and painful. The joint is sore. I'm sure it's rabies, although they said the dog was current on its shots. (btw, I really don't care if the dog was a he or a she) At the very least it's Lyme disease or some recurrence of shingles. Yes I know I'll be fine by morning but right now I need to complain, because I got bit by a damn dog!

It's still really hot.

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The Hubby said...

You're so cute! Poor you. :(