Thursday, October 11, 2007

details about the car and the past few days

Last weekend we were in Las Vegas for Rory's bat mitzvah. It was a big deal: our first experience at temple services, a weekend trip, all the aunts, uncles and cousins in one place at one time for a huge party. It was fabulous! We truly had a wonderful time. While we were gone we took the Camry, natch, since Josh's 1991 Honda Civic Si with 282,000 miles would probably make it there, but you don't want to take chances with probably when driving through the desert. Josh swung his car around from its usual spot in the front of our house to the Camry's vacant spot in the driveway.

When we got back on Sunday night and put the Camry back in the driveway to unload, Josh moved the Civic to a spot in front of the vacant house one house away at the end of the cul-de-sac.

Monday came and went uneventfully, except that I was now sick after being stuck with Mr. Sicky McSickPants in a car for 6 hours. Boy, I didn't see that one coming. And I'm such fun when I'm sick!

Tuesday morning the girls were late because mommy called in sick since daddy was home and able to cover the morning shift. He left the house a little after 9:00. He doesn't recall checking for his car when he left but I suspect it was still there since the car's absence would surely have registered in his detailed Virgo brain. Fast forward to him charging into the house asking where his car is, complete with the soundtrack of sirens racing to an accident somewhere nearby. That's always fun...the sound of sirens and then someone bursting into the house yelling. I was now awake. Sure enough, no car. Gone. It couldn't be reposessed...someone stole it? Seriously? STOLE IT?! A car made in 1991 with 280K+ miles on it? Granted, it had a new engine and transmission and it's worth way more parted out than it was as a whole ($1200) but FUCK! I think that someone wanted it for parts and watched the house enough that they knew there would be a 15-20 minute window when we were gone taking the girls to school. Jackholes. I'd like to have words with the little Honda-racing punks that jacked my husband's source of transportation to work to support his family. I hope they don't graduate from high school and all their friends do. I hope they get crabs, shingles and hand/foot/mouth disease. I hope they break out in furious, red, itchy rashes of unknown origin. I hope they wipe their asses with poison oak, and that's being nice.

It remains to be seen if the car was taken for a joyride home by some idiot, in which case we might actually see it again (the "community officer" who took the police report said they actually do recover quite a few stolen cars) or if some little racing fuck jacked it for parts, in which case it will live on in a handful of other Hondas that I hope get attacked by rust and have sugar poured in their gas tanks.

Tomorrow is Kaylie's TENTH BIRTHDAY. Ten. I've been a a mother for ten years. It's absolutely mind-boggling. In those early years of parenting I was never able to see this far ahead into the future but as everyone warns you, the future comes too soon. You really think you'll remember all those infuriating, annoying trials for the rest of your life but you don't. You remember sweet milky breath, chubby sugar baby thighs and the smell of diapers until you blink and that sweet baby is now eye level with you. It's still sweet, but in an entirely different way. So hold on to your babies while they're small, mamas. Time passes on too quickly.

Kaylie's 10th birthday bash has a Japanese dinner party theme - red, black and white. We're serving sushi, edamame, rice balls, gyoza (potstickers), yakitori (teriyaki chicken on a skewer that I already warned Josh we didn't have enough of) and I'll probably put out cute pb&j's for the party guests with sensitive palates. We're going to play games with chopsticks and learn the dance to that terrible crunk song Soulja Boy that's all the rage. (if only they'd had the internet and youtube back when I was young! so much awkwardness could have been avoided!) The goody bags are the BEST though. Josh and I put together a bunch of crap from the 99 cent store and the Japanese market in little square brightly colored tupperware containers (3 for $1) and the the addition of some sushi grass, voila! Faux bento boxes aka goody bags. Really one of my finer creative moments (did I mention I already had the sushi grass on hand?) but Josh did help so I can't take all the credit. Damn it.

Look for birthday photos sometime over the weekend.


Robin said...

Sorry about the car. Happy birthday to Kaylie! The bento boxes are very cute. My kids actually take real bento boxes to school - they love them! I should post some of the meals we've eaten. Have a great party!

frectis said...

Happy belated... looks like a fun time. WTF is that crunk punk crap? I couldn't understand a word he was saying, knowimsayin? Horrible dance too. :P