Tuesday, October 30, 2007

look what I found!

We were driving home Sunday night, turning off of Halliburton and we saw two little black shadows running and darting off the sidewalk. Damn it, loose dogs! Everyone knows how I feel about small toy dogs running loose, especially on that street. My own little poodle was killed there in the 80's and I swear I've never recovered.

Once we got the kids home and inside, I ran back outside with some dog food to see if I could lure the dogs to my house, get them in a crate and call their owner. (I could hear their tags jingling) Amazingly enough I found them up the street. I put some food on the ground and they came over: a cute little miniature pincher and a black chihuahua with freakishly large ears. The chihuahua wanted nothing to do with me. Just as well since I hate those dogs. The min pin scarfed down the food and let me pet him, then pick him up. I figured the chihuahua would follow and I could throw them inside Buddy's big crate together. I took off the min pin's collar and pocketed his tags in case he jumped out of my arms, I could still call his owner. There was even an AVID microchip tag - sweet! This was gonna be easy! Except it was anything but.

I called AVID and gave them the dog's chip number that was listed on the tag. Unfortunately, the brain surgeon who adopted the dog didn't bother to register the microchip number with the company - no luck there. I called the number on the LA Co dog license and got the phone number of the dog's owner. Great! Except again, it wasn't. I was connected to Mr. Lloyd Frederickson, age 90, who got the dog to keep him company after his wife died but ultimately had to give him up. The dog, who Lloyd named Reggie, is a jumper and chewed up three of his hearing aides, and those aren't cheap, so it was off to the pound with Reggie. Sometime within the past 3 months, Reggie was adopted out from the pound. Poor Mr. Frederickson said he hated to give the dog up because he really is such a good little dog, but way too much energy for a 90-year old. He sits, understands "no", poops and pees outside, doesn't bark and cutest of all, jumps in your lap when he wants to be held. He also knows "get down". Mr. Lloyd asked if he could get my phone number and contact me in the future to find out how Reggie is doing. I promised him I'd find a good home for Reggie.

As it turns out, my brother and his girlfriend saw the same two dogs loose in the same area last weekend. They live somewhere off of Halliburton, near Skunk Alley where skunks are run over all the time, not to mention the owls and hawks that feed off the rodents who live in the nursery with the skunks. I HATE PEOPLE WHO DON'T TAKE CARE OF THEIR ANIMALS!! Do these people even want their dog back? More importantly, do they deserve their dog back? Did I run around the streets in the dark of night just to reunite dog with owner so it will get out again? Cause if there's anything that bugs me, it's PEOPLE WHO DON'T TAKE CARE OF THEIR ANIMALS AND LET THEM BE EATEN BY LOCAL WILDLIFE. Your chihuahua, yorkie, min pin or teacup whatever are all perfect size for predators and car tires.

So no, I don't want to reunite Reggie with his new owner. And you know what? I'm fine with it. Fuck them. There haven't even been any signs posted for a lost min pin. I posted two ads on craigslist and only got responses from people who want a free min pin. I'm smitten with this dog and I'd keep it if it weren't for The Landlord(s). That's why my brother is going to take it and keep it. He can live with Joy's min pin Archie (Archie and Reggie...Bosco should be re-named Jughead!) and Bosco and Paul. He looks just like Archie except his eyes are a little bulgier and he has a white star on his chest. Tonight, Paul and Joy are coming over to meet Reggie and hopefully take him home, along with his crate. He even sleeps and stays in his crate and doesn't mess in it. Good boy. He should be pretty easy to take care of and I told Paul I'd help out in any way that I can. I'm going to give Reggie a bath so he looks and smells pretty when he meets Joy. (Paul met him last night)

So that's the story of Reggie, or "How I Met and Fell In Love With A Small Dog I Didn't Like". The end.


Anonymous said...

Laura: You are a hero in my book, a champion wrangler of lost dogs!

On behalf of dog lovers everywhere, thank you for rescuing this sweet pup and adopting him to a good home.

-Laurie (LC)

Laura said...

Hey Laurie - thanks! I can wrangle practically any kind of animal but I have a special spot in my heart for dogs running down that mean street!

Reggie is still with my brother but my brother is having a hard time adjusting to two, sometimes three dogs so Reg might be re-homed again :( But last night Reggie and Archie slept together in the same crate, but who knows?

Last thing - I got an email from Bobby Trendy at aol.com to adopt Reggie. Do you know who that is?

Thanks again for all the little ego boosts last week :)

Anonymous said...

Laura--Thanks for the update! OMG yes I do know who Bobby Trendy is! He was my favorite "character" on the Anna Nicole show.(Do you watch "The Hills?" Now we have Justin Bobby, who [whom?] I sometimes refer to as "Justin Bobby Trendy" even though they are nothing alike.

Gosh, It makes wonder if Ellen & Portia are looking for another dog.

-Laurie (the other LC, down south)