Thursday, December 27, 2007

SF Zoo tiger incident

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**I did not take this photo. Proper photo credit has been given above, so take note :) I also don't know if this is the tiger that was killed, it's just an awesome photo that I liked a lot from flickr and it is from the San Francisco Zoo.**

I am so sad about what happened at the SF Zoo on Christmas Day. I know everyone is wondering what actually happened and that lots of questions still need to be answered but there are a few blindingly oversights that I just can't get past.

First of all, taunting the tiger or not, those people didn't deserve to be attacked. Of course taunting any animal is wrong, and anyone that ignores rules that were made for their own safety at the zoo is just dumb. There is evidence that the guy who died may have been sitting on the exhibit fence with his legs dangling over into the actual exhibit. There were apparently pine cones in the moat area that should not have been there. The 15 foot moat sounds like a good, safe idea, right? And every animal weirdo and expert who has been on any of the news channels says that for the tiger to have leaped that far is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.


People, this is a cat we're talking about. Cats climb and do crazy shit with their sleek, bendy bodies and get into places we can't fathom. They hide and stalk and watch. In my non-professional opinion, someone seriously underestimated not only the tigers themselves, but the safety of the enclosure. And the fact that there was no surveillance is just ridiculous. Don't we live in the day of big brother? Aren't there supposed to be cameras everywhere? If you can track people on the streets and freeways you'd think there would be cameras somewhere near the big cat exhibits at the zoo. That's what I'd call an oversight.

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allison said...

I totally agree with everything you said here -- I never watch the news (think Noggin... and more Noggin) but my dad filled me in on the story the other day and my first question was "Wasn't there a suveillance camera?" Anyway... I guess I need to read the article. Lots of things don't make sense from the version of the story I heard.