Wednesday, December 05, 2007

well I screwed that up, didn't I?

So much for finishing NaBloPoMo07.
I have no excuse other than I hate this time of year.
It completely sucks the life out of me.
All I want to do is hibernate until spring.
I hate being bombarded with red and green, Christmas carols, sugar cookies, metallic bows, animated and inflatable lawn ornaments, people, shopping, parking, giving gifts, receiving gifts, being cold, getting fat, parties, family gatherings, decorating and wondering who is going to die next. I think it all started when my uncle died on Christmas Eve when I was 10. Too many people I knew and loved died in December, which is most of the reason why the whole month can suck my balls.
I do like a few Christmas movies, Christmas lights and I don't mind Hanukkah because the food is better.


Anonymous said...

I call it "The Scarlett Excess of December." I so look forward to the quiet icy blue of January. Spring, not so much, every spring it's the same -- The spring of my discontent. I get all of my bad news in the spring, it seems, kind of like your version of December.

I hope you find out some quiet time, and buy yourself a present or three or ten!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,

It is a biological fact that more people have heart attacks and strokes this time of year than any other, so it looks like your anecdotal information is right on target. Sometimes it is from shoveling snow when you have no business doing so (maybe not so much where you live) and the ingestion of severely fatty food. Cardiac units at your very own hospital are stepping it up right now for the influx. I, personally, love this time of year. We get the week between Christmas and New Year off with pay. How sweet is that? :-)

Sharon at the Shore