Thursday, December 04, 2008

a little break already

I had a Christmas thing ready to go yesterday but it just wasn't "enough" and I'm not really in the spirit at the moment. So, I'm taking a Christmas break already. This first week of December is a really hard one to drag myself through. I lost my grandma on 12/1/96 and Josh's dad died on 12/5/93. I told the kids we can start decorating after the fifth, so that's the plan for the weekend.

BUT...December does bring me my wonderful, bestest friend Gretchen! Her birthday was yesterday (happy belated G, although I did type happy birthday to you in chat ;) and guess what? She's having her baby tomorrow, right on its due date. She'll go in to the hospital tonight for some meds to get her cervix ready and start the pitocin in the morning if needed, and being a grand multip, I don't anticipate she'll need it. On the flip side, the baby's amniotic fluid is low, which could be problematic, so please keep a good thought for my Gretchie and her EIGHTH baby.

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