Thursday, March 31, 2005

breath...blessed breath!

It's over. I didn't have an acute asthma attack tonight. I'm not hunched over pillows battling for air. I'm not coughing every time I try to lay down. I can lay down and actually relax! Ahhh, the little luxuries life has to offer. I'm able to enjoy them again. Breathing. Laying down. Eating. I don't quite have walking and talking at the same time down yet, but I can deal with that. It'll come in time. Just to be able to sit here and breathe in and out...inhale and exhale without feeling like I'm drowning or being choked to death. Beautiful, beautiful breath.

I haven't had a breathing treatment since 9:45PM and I'm able to blow over 400 on my peak flow meter. My target peak flow is 450+ and my danger zone is 250. I've been blowing 300-350 for the past few days. Last night it was 275. That was Bad.

I don't know what it could be...the Allegra? Not overdosing on albuterol? Keeping my kitty outside? Putting the blooming shamrock outside? Hyland's Nerve Tonic? Whatever it is, I'll take it. It's working. I may even go have a snack right now...I have an appetite again!! :)

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