Saturday, April 16, 2005

another week passes

...and again I find myself doing a weekly wrap-up. I don't know how I manage to let time slip away without writing. It always seems to be something - a tummy ache, a back ache, family drama, the phone, the kids, the laundry, the dishes, the animals...the something. Really though, this week was busy!

Monday, Kaylie took her 3rd degree orange belt test in karate. If she passed (and I'm sure she did) then she'll be a purple belt! The class also learned some cool jiu jitsu moves from a guest sensei. So cool, in fact, they inspired Kaylie to practice!

On Tuesday a neighbor alerted me to this kitty in his backyard. I trooped up there with the girls and cat carrier in hand. It turned out to not be our old orange kitty boy, but an orange kitty girl with a collar. She is so desperately spoiled and attention starved. She probably got out of the house when she was in heat, wandered too far and couldn't find her way back home. My own kitty is not very thrilled with this recent (although temporary!) addition to the garage. They haven't brawled and the only word that comes to mind is tolerate. Kitty Girl is tolerating this orange one. What a good girl. Meanwhile, I've posted flyers and gotten no calls. I can't believe I'm even praying over this. I really want her to find her home. She seems to miss it so much.

Claire went back to school this week, after last week's drama. Aaaah. It's a relief to both of us to get back into a routine.

Also on Tuesday, Grammy was moved into a rehabilitation center until she regains her strength. Thursday, all of the local grandchildren went to visit her. Boy, was she perky! It was fantastic to see her in such great spirits after last week's nightmare. Personally, I don't think she wants to leave!

Ahhh. I'm listening to Allison by Elvis Costello. I listened to this song so much while I was pregnant with Claire. Allison was our runner-up name choice. Recently, Josh and I thought up a new girl name - Allison Miles. This is, of course, if we never get our Miles Joseph. Big, big sigh.

Tonight is the father/daughter Sweetheart Ball at Kaylie's school. I went to these with my dad when I was younger and it was always such a big deal. Getting dressed up, going out with dad, the cafeteria all decorated...such fun!

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