Tuesday, April 05, 2005

too much has happened

Sometimes the days just slip past uneventfully. Then there are others, when everything happens all at once. On Sunday we found out several upsetting bits of news. Some worse than others. But the real event was calling my Grammy (maternal grandmother) and hearing something wrong in her voice. She was sick - very sick. In pain and not able to move, eat or care for herself. In typical "please don't fuss over me" fashion, she was going to wait until the next day's doctor appointment (for a separate problem) to tell anyone. My mom and I went over that night and thought she may have fractured her wrist, which is common in osteoporosis patients. After an hours-long trip to the ER, Grammy was diagnosed with cellulitis. The next day it was diagnosed as a possible staph infection. Today's diagnosis du jour is pseudogout. It doesn't sound far off since Grammy has osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. So we wait for a rheumatologist to confirm.

As usual, while I may outwardly seem to be dealing with the stress, inside I am not. I am sleeping...and sleeping...and sleeping. Hours and hours a day, if I was able. My back, neck and shoulders feel like someone's been beating on me...bruised and sore. (turns out that's from my purse being too heavy...I'm officially old)

Meanwhile, we have a funeral to attend Thursday for a close family member. So much to deal with in the course of one week. Sometimes, it feels like too much.

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