Friday, April 08, 2005

weekly wrap-up

  • Sunday - spend all night in ER with grandmother and mother. Check grandmother in to the hospital at 3AM.
  • Monday - sleep, or at least try to. The usual "back to the grind" stuff. Sore as heck - felt like I was hit by a truck.
  • Tuesday - visit grandmother in hospital with cousin. Diagnosis has gone from cellulitis to staph to pseudogout. Ditch preschool and totally regret it. Still sore. Figure out it's from cute sling purse of late. Damn.
  • Wednesday - I dunno, I'm lost on this one.
  • Thursday - attend funeral in the San Fernando Valley.
  • Friday - wake up at 2AM to watch the Pope's funeral. Josh has "meeting" at American Idol offices, which goes well. Cat catches first lizard of the season - lizard survives. Chicken out on the local Mass for the Pope, buy laundry detergent and Swiffer dusters instead.
  • Saturday plans - eye appointment for both kids at 3:40PM, then head to the 909 to visit grandmother who is staying at aunt's house, THEN visit cousins for the evening.

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