Thursday, May 19, 2005

Didja see?!?

I'm so happy this separation is almost over. I can't wait until tomorrow. It will be the ultimate Friday waiting game! I'm so glad that Bryan and Steph are taking us to a Dodger game so we'll be busy during those last few hours. No sitting around and jumping up every time we hear a car.
Okay, so I found the greatest service online:
Yes, I'm a loser without a library card. Yes, I owe them money - enough money to be a small chunk. Yes, I suck.
But for someone like me who is a voracious reader, has no library access and isn't rolling in dough enough to make lots of trips to the bookstore, this is a lifesaver. I usually receive books as gifts or books that others have passed on to me. When I did have a library card, I was there every other day checking out books. I have lists of titles I want to read, authors to investigate and even more lists of books I've read. Knowing that tomorrow or Saturday's mail will bring me a package of FOUR books is unbelievable! I'm so excited. Which is more exciting - Josh's return of the arrival of my new books? I'm not sure. ;)
Here are the books in my first shipment:

Did I mention that I can't wait?!?

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