Saturday, May 21, 2005

my boyfriend's back...

...but no one's in trouble. How did I ever survive without him?
The girls are over the moon. Kaylie keeps stroking his arm and giving him random kisses and snuggles. Claire just needs Daddy for everything. He's surprised at how Kaylie's grown up in the past few weeks too.

Swimming again today. It must have been a thousand degrees. We wouldn't survive if we weren't able to be in the water! I love the beginning of summer (btw, Spring only lasts a few weeks in my opinion). New bathing suits, new goggles, pool toys, sunscreen. Of course I had to try the new Coppertone Continuous Spray sunblock and I give it two thumbs up for beach use. It does leave a dry film after swimming, but application took like 5 seconds for each kid and you don't need to rub it in. Just let it dry. At the pool, I'd just go with regular sunscreen. Doesn't make much difference.

Cat got a lizard yesterday. It lived. I released it. Another whopper. Where's my counter?

We went to the 5 Freeway Series yesterday, also known as the Dodgers vs. Angels game at Dodger Stadium. It was the girls' first professional baseball game. It totally rocked, except that the Angels won. We had nachos, Dodger Dogs (which Claire wolfed down in record time, shocking us all), peanuts (yeah, I caught the bag with my right hand and the left side of my face. if only Dodgervision had caught that moment!), cotton candy and MORE nachos. There's nothing like singing the National Anthem in a stadium full of people on a warm near-summer night. Talk about feeling patriotic. I'm so glad my kids got to experience that for the first time!

Sigh. Joshie's home. My world is complete again.

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