Saturday, June 25, 2005

better than television

Today we went to the beach with Jana and Dylan. We had a change in routine and went to a beach in Santa Monica (LA County) rather than our usual Orange County beaches (Huntington or Newport). The first thing that struck me was the geography of the shore. It was exactly as I had a dream about a few months ago. Nothing bad or dramatic happened in the dream other than the tide rising unusually fast and us scrambling to gather our things fast enough.

Jana treated us to lunch at Back on the Beach - a cafe in the sand. Other than us frying (no sunscreen yet) and Claire falling backwards in her chair, lunch was great. Kaylie had calamari. Dylan had the BEST banana pancakes.

The kids played and attempted to boogie board but the waves were kind of rough and there were lots of rocks. They found a friend named Max who dug a huge hole/sandcastle type thing. The four of them traipsed up and down the beach collecting things to add to the hole castle.

But the absolute BEST part of the day was the dolphins! Being the bird-obsessed person I am, I was watching these huge pelicans circle the water and dive. Their dives and the subsequent splashes were awesome. I love stuff like that. While watching them dive....I spotted fins! There was a small group of dolphins diving and jumping through the water. I saw 3-4 dolphins out of the water at one time, which means that there were probably about 6-10 dolphins total. There was obviously plenty of fish in that particular part of the water, as both the pelicans and dolphins seemed to be hunting. Well, the pelicans obviously....but I did see a dolphin flip its tail out of the water. Too, too cool.

Definitely better than a Saturday sitting at home. Thanks, Jana.

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