Sunday, July 10, 2005


That was Usher singing.

Wanna know why today rocked? I won my first ever bridal shower party. The game was to make a penis out of play-dough. I was given a tub of blue play-doh and the guy next to me (yeah, a guy at a bridal shower....wanna make somethin' of it?!) had a tub of pink. We were given toothpicks to add detail. The Guy and I put our heads together and came up with quite a sculpture - veiny blue balls and a bright pink shaft, complete with a toothpick piercing. Since the prize was from Victoria's Secret, The Guy was a true gentleman and gave it all to me. (make-up bags and sachets - very cute)

I didn't win the Banana Game, but then again that's a sort of dubious achievement if there ever was one. The girl who won it was SHOCKING. There was no question that she won. She only left about 2 inches of banana out of her mouth. And yes, there are pictures of it all.

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