Friday, July 15, 2005

the end of skunk friendliness

So much to write about! I had a draft all ready to go to cover yesterday's events which included me nearly passing out due to a terrible back spasm or pinched nerve. I thought I was going to die, seriously. I've never felt pain like that in my life.

Tonight was so much better. So much more interesting, especially with the twist of wild animals vs. domestic animals. Predator vs. prey. Dopiness vs. defense mechanisms.

Bruno vs. The Skunk.

Bruno is my cousin Steph's beloved year-old Boxer. He's adorable, dopey, stupid and a genius, all at the same time. I love him. WE love him. I let him take food from my mouth and sneak him treats every chance I get. Bruno is always welcome at our house. In fact, he was visiting tonight. While Bryan ran an errand, Josh watched Bruno and taught Bruno to walk through the oh-so-classy tear in our screen door. We laughed, Josh and carefree! Thinking of how Bruno would try to walk through the screen door at home. Little did we know what was to come.

While we were sitting at the table eating dinner, Bruno dashes out the screen FAST. Josh and Steph are up and yelling at Bruno to stop. I crane my neck (my sprained neck, at that!) and see Bruno pouncing on a small black animal. With a white stripe. That's when I jumped up and yelled for Bruno, too.

Although we didn't smell it yet, Bruno got sprayed in the face once and in the chest once. In her panic, Steph brought Bruno through my house foaming and spitting and covered in skunk stink. Bruno stopped at his doggie bed in my house before finally being dragged outside. Josh and Steph were in charge of the dog - I wasn't touching him. I called Bryan to tell him what happened and to bring home tons of tomato juice. J&S were hosing Bruno down. Meanwhile, my whole house smells like sulphur. The smell of skunk spray outside is nothing compared to being in close quarters with the stuff. After much panic and much internet research, here's what we did to get rid of the smell, both in the house and on the dog:

  • tomato juice = wet dog covered in skunk stink that smells like tomato sauce from a can
  • Simple Green = hey, it's non-toxic! Steph didn't want to use it on the dog, but Josh washed his hands in it and I'm soaking his clothes in it
  • bowls of vinegar (white and apple cider) around the house, about 5
  • Downy liquid fabric softener mixed with water in a spray bottle*

*I must say that this last trick rules in terms of house funk in general. The vanilla lavender fancy schmancy Downy in the purple bottle smells much nicer as an air freshener than a fabric softener.

And just in case this happens to anyone else anytime soon, here's the ultimate recipe to get the skunk stink off of your beloved furbaby. Enjoy.

On Replay:Gorillaz "Feels Good, Inc"

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