Sunday, June 12, 2005

prednisone, the wonder drug

Today I'm feeling:

So this latest attack of asthmar started sneaking up on me Thursday when I went to Uncle Army's funeral. It started out as a tickle that I couldn't clear from my throat. Later that day it started to progress to a gentle wheeze, but my breathing was fine and my peak flow numbers were great. Friday, the wheeze progressed to a rumble. Still, my breathing and peak flow numbers were kosher! Friday night I felt it getting worse and started pancking, thus exacerbating the asthma. I was OD'ing on breathing treatments. No more Singulair until Wednesday. That's when I remembered the prednisone.

Last time I was in the hospita for an attack I was put on prednisone. One pill, twice a day for 4 days. A short course, a low dose. And I have REFILLS! I hooked up those babies real quick and felt better within hours. Every time I took a dose I felt a little better. The rumble quieted back down to a wheeze. But again, as with any asthma attack, I am drained. Bone-tired, muscle drained exhausted. I didn't have much of an appetite over the weekend and my body and head ached like a villain. Today though, I was able to get up and complete a little album for my Grammy, do some housework and laundry and eat dinner wtih the family.

I just don't understand what is up with these attacks. Why the wheeze without any trouble breathing? Why were my peak flow numbers always good? If I hadn't started taking the prednisone when I did, would I have had a full-fledged attack?

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