Saturday, July 16, 2005

shopping spree!

Thanks to my two favorite N's - Nina and Nordstrom's! After Dylan's camp rendition of Cats this afternoon, we all enjoyed some famous Slippery Shrimp from Yang Chow. And DAMN do they have the best dumplings ever! Anyway, we braved the parking lots and headed into Nordstrom to the children's shoe department. We had an absolute angel of a cute little pregnant saleswoman and ended up with 3 pairs of shoes for Kaylie and 1 for Claire. (both girls got this pair) The real damage was done in the girls clothing department. Kaylie ended up with 5 tank tops, a cute little white skirt with shorts under, a cover-up type dress, a bathing suit and a necklace each for Kaylie and her best friend Victoria. Sheesh! My grandmother wouldn't have bought my damn friend anything!

Claire got three complete little Roxy outfits - skirt/skorts, shirt, matching jacket. So cute....she is SUCH a Roxy girl!

Here's the kicker - Nina took me to the makeup counter and bought me new Bobbi Brown foundation, foundation brush and eyeshadow. I have foundation that actually matches my skin tone and gives me - gasp! - coverage! The brush is perfect for applying makeup to areas of my face that might need more coverage now that I'm older. Pfffft. And the taupe eyeshadow in the crease really adds a finished look to my previously frumpy and unadorned mom-face. It's been years, literally, since I've bought anything from a makeup counter. But now I remember what an absolute luxury it is to have good foundation. Definitely worth a splurge.

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