Thursday, September 15, 2005

the emmys have consumed my husband

Tuesday he didn't get home until after 5AM. Yesterday it was around 9PM and today it will be after midnight. Oh lookie, it's already past midnight! I won't be seeing much of him until Monday. He has a hotel room out by the Shrine for Friday and Saturday nights where I may be joining him if I can get out of The Bachelorette's wedding. I hate going to weddings without my husband.

This week has been kinda sucky. I knew going into it that this was our last week of guaranteed employment and that I would be seeing less and less of Josh as the week progressed. The weather has also changed and it's now cool and wet in the mornings, warm-ish in the afternoon. Sucks. I want my California weather back! We usually don't have weather like this until February!!

Too much roadkill this week. Not only did the stupid skunk show up at my door Tuesday night (and ate all of Kitty's sister's food) but I think it had the nerve to get run over on Death Alley (the stretch of Halliburton that intersects the nursery). Yuck. And then, in front of Kaylie's school, was a little dead kitten. Grey with little white socks. :( SAD!! What a way to start the day. And when I came back to pick Kaylie up from school, the kitten was flat. Ugh.

In other animal news, we've expanded our family by rescuing two Betta fish from the 99 cent store. Their names are Jelly (as in peanut butter and) and Gwen Stefani The Fish. Can you tell whose fish is whose?

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