Thursday, September 08, 2005


Is there anything worse than shopping for jeans? Okay, aside from shopping for bathing suits. Shudder. But seriously, if your body is strangely shaped in any way, finding jeans that fit properly is like going on a scavenger hunt. I made my peace long ago by switching to men's jeans or stretch denim (mom jeans!) once those became common. But my poor, poor Kaylie. God bless her and her mismatched body. Josh and I really did a doozy on her! My generous bottom, dancer's thighs and freakishly non-existant waist combined with Josh's trunk-like calves, ankles and turned in feet. So yeah - she hasn't had jeans that fit her properly since she was wearing a size 4T.

Until today! We just happened to be buying some cute tees at Sears and I came across the perfect pair of jeans. No joke, it was one of those situations where the jeans were glowing on the shelf with a perfect spotlight on them, just sitting and waiting for me. Genuine Levi's, dark stretch denim. Not cut low in the waist but lower than most. Size 10 1/2. These things fit like a GLOVE. Like they were custom made for my girl. Her butt looks adorable in them! Who knew?!

Three cheers for the perfect jeans!

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