Monday, September 26, 2005

visitor update

Our little mourning dove fledgling is doing great. Her poops are now a normal consistency; she's definitely eating. I made a little gruel with parakeet seed and water. The parakeet seed has little bits of kibble that soften up and break apart and the seeds soften up nicely. She has a little dish of water that she drinks from also.

I took her outside this morning and again this afternoon and she foraged and pecked in the dirt for seeds and grit, just like a grown-up birdie would. So cute, with her little pigeon walk! The second time though, she flew a good 10 feet away from me and up. She flew away to the other side of the yard when I tried to get her so I snapped her up real quick. (yes, gently) It's going to rain here later PLUS the crows/mockingbirds/hawks/skunks/cats/possums would totally get the little bird overnight. She has hardly any feathers underneath, I know she would get too cold. Still, I hope that by the time she's able to fly away for good she'll be a little older and more filled out. I just want her to have the best chance at survival on her own.

Oh, and did I mention (she said, ever so casually) that MY HUSBAND IS HOME?! He is! Really! It's him! The girls and I are so happy we can hardly stand it.

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