Tuesday, October 11, 2005


From now until Saturday, all my posts will be pointed in the general direction of the Bahamas.

Costumes! No shit, it's been about 5 years (maybe 6!) since we had Halloween costumes well before the actual day. So much more to choose from! Go figure, huh? This year we're having a "Purple Shimmer Witch" and Ariel, aka "The Little Mermaid". We still need some accessories for Kaylie's costume, and shoes for Claire, but we got the actual costume. Yahoo!

All the rest of the stuff has been done - Kaylie's boots for tomorrow morning (so sad that daddy misses his girl's birthday!), treats for the class (individually wrapped rice krispies treats that I'll add a little bow or ribbon to) and food from Costco. (tonight we're having chicken and mozzarella ravioli and asparagus!)

Word from the Heights. Over and out.

Btw, the speech therapist said that when we didn't show up or call last week, she assumed something beyond my control happened. Yeah, beyond Claire's control too, apparently. (stomach flu) She said that she was telling Terri (Fergie's mom) that I'm a "really responsible mom" and that I wouldn't just not show up without calling for no reason. :) Heh. Got her snowed, don't I?

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