Wednesday, March 08, 2006


What is it about tattoos that make you want more once you get one? I got my first tattoo in 1993 after a breakup that sent me spinning and really made me think. It was a time of change in my life, a time of growing and healing and learning. I'd always wanted a tattoo and though I'd been in a tattooist's chair twice (while still underage) I fortunately never ended up wtih the little heart or cartoon character that I thought I wanted. I finally decided on the design after dreaming about it, had my friend draw it rather than choose one off the wall, then had another friend take me to his tattooist to have it done. It was slightly painful but not at all the kind of pain that I'd imagined and definitely well worth it. I love the design, I love the placement and I love knowing that it's there even though not everyone can see it.

The design I chose was a moon and star. More like a crescent man-in-the-moon in shaded blue and a single yellow star. I always intended to get a sun later - add the yin to the yang. Late last year I realized what the design of the sun would be. I found it on my last journal. A beautiful, feminine, simply drawn, completely round, glowing sun in shades of yellow with clouds above and stars below it. It will be about three inches in diameter (outline circle and sky included) and on the opposite hip of the moon but slightly higher. I'm so excited to feel this way again and know that I want this permanent mark on me and that pain will bring it to me. The conflict of pain and beauty. Planned completion date: summertime.

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