Tuesday, March 07, 2006

not one but TWO!

TWO ear infections. Two. Both ears.

What kind of mother becomes so engrossed in her own thoughts and problems that she neglects to realize that her child is sick? That's my very first thought, the guilt immediately taking over. But with Kaylie's history of allergies and asthma, it's been hard to tell what is an attack that warrants changing her meds, and what is regular old rhinovirus brought home from the other third graders. She did complain that her ear hurt when she woke up in the morning and when she went to bed at night. No fever. Well, 99.3, which hardly counts unless you're my child, as I also don't get high fevers even with infection. So after seven years of coughing and allergies and changing doctors, changing medications, changing doctors again and being fastidious about cleaning, (aside from the filthy carpet which I swear I'm ripping out as soon as the weather is warm again) we've reached the next level of treatment and the addition of daily inhaled steroids. The doctor was very sensitive about breaking the news to me, but it really was no surprise. He even tossed in an extra Pulmicort inhaler (sample) for me after I explained where the asthmar (points to whomever can tell me what book that's from! and not you, Gretchen) came from.

Now the even more sensitive stuff. And this is for my fellow October friends, so everyone else stop reading or forever hold your peace. After Kaylie was weighed at the office (fully clothed and without shoes) and we were settled into an exam room, I snuck back to the scale to weigh myself. There are only 10 pounds difference in our weight. Seeing the numbers so clearly really snapped me to attention and I began to wonder about the coincidence of my losing more and more weight as she gains. Am I subconsciously trying to set an example? Possibly. That's hard to admit, but it never clicked until today. And then I realied at about 9:00 that I hadn't eaten anything today at all except for Diet Crack and two glasses of wine. (my treat when I went to pick up the armload of prescriptions from the drugstore - I bought myself one of those mini-bottles. klassy!) Not good.

Lots to think about, lots to reflect upon.

New music obsessions:
-The Magic Numbers, "I See You, You See Me"
-Sia, "Breathe Me"
and for some strange reason
-Alison Kraus and Gillian Welch "I'll Fly Away"


April said...

Damn, Woman, you are losing way too much weight. There seems to be something else going on there. Take care of you!

Viki J Hook said...

Wow, Laura, I've had the same "Breathe Me" song in my head, and I LOVE "I'll Fly Away." Now I have to go find my O Brother Where Art Thou cd...

But about your update on Kaylie! And you! Don't fret about not catching the ear infections - you are ANYTHING but negligent with your daughter's health!! I would have ended up in the same spot if it had been my kid with those symptoms.

And I'm stunned at the 10-pound difference in your weights - I had noticed in recent photos that you're looking VERY thin - not tabloid-scandal quality thin, but REALLY thin for a person who has EVER complained about her weight in the past.

Kaylie is lovely. She's adorable. She always will be, whatever her body shape - she's just damned lucky that way! Good genes. :-)

But yes, you might have something there, about you subconsciously starving yourself. Yikes! Wish we could trade appetites for a few days/weeks/months. :-) Megan weighs one-third of what I weigh. :-O