Tuesday, August 08, 2006

back to basics

I can feel it already. Summertime - the part with no school and no obligations - is quickly coming to a close. The girls have their backpacks and pencil boxes and are amassing piles of new school clothes. The reality of my baby girl going to school is still sinking in. I'm sure it will be lovely, really. It's the anticipation that gets me. Anxiety, anyone?

I have welcomed back into my life two items that have been long missing: vacuum cleaners WITH A BAG and Trader Joe's.

The floors of my house are the bane of my existence. When this crap is finally pulled up, I'd like to send a sample to a lab to see just what kind of yuck lives in this 15-year old carpet. Our old vacuum bit the dust hard last weekend (motor died, 3 months old, nice.) so we hooked ourselves up with a Bissell Power Force upright. It has the normal cleaning wands and a handy indicator to tell me when the bag needs to be changed. I am SO glad to be done with emptying canisters and changing filters. Our last vacuum needed to be emptied and the filter changed between rooms! Not my kind of vacuuming, nope it's not. My normal, black, sleek vacuum makes me happy.

Trader Joe's...it's been too long, my old friend. This is the kind of cooking I can totally manage! Microwaving! I'm really good at warming things up. I can cook, but I really prefer not to....ever. So the luxury of having meals planned with little to no prep work is ever so lovely. Healthy snacks. Oregon Honey Beer. Mini carrot cakes that added five pounds to my ass. Cheese. Hummus. Pita chips. Green tomato salsa. Next TJ's trip is to make our own trail mix. Love it.

I'm hormonal, swollen, emotional and sometimes irrational.
Please be nice to me, especially if you live with me. :)

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TRUE LOVE said...

Nice... Never! Like I havn't been a flipp'n saint!