Thursday, August 03, 2006

the beach

I've been missing in action for a few days because we've been hanging out with the cousins at what we refer to as The Best Beach House EVER! in Surfside Colony, near Seal Beach. And also? I wanna live there. More than I've ever wanted to live anywhere else, I want to live in Surfside Colony. Why? The beaches are private. The post office is adorable. It's secure and gated. There's hardly anyone else on the beach. It's unbelievably laid back. It's perfect, seriously. (the photos below are of the north and south views of the beach, respectively)

I didn't take many pictures because with 5 kids between 2 adults, my eyes were otherwise busy. I like to think I was too busy "living in the moment". We went on shell walks and boogie boarded all day. We found all kinds of wildlife washed up on shore (unfortunately) including a sting ray, a sea bird (still alive, we alerted the proper authorities), lots of crab shells, lots of sand birds and these pieces of purple starfish. Lovely, aren't they?

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Nicki said...

That is amazing and totally unreal to this midwestern girl. I'm so jealous.