Thursday, August 17, 2006

poor doggle

He came through surgery just fine. Actually, he came bouncing out of the vet's office like nothing had ever happened. Just kinda "hey, why is there a cone on my head?" but he didn't seem like he was in pain at all. In fact, the little (okay, almost 70 pounds) effer was in the backyard unsupervised last night and did something - probably put his front paws up on the wall - and the incision site pulled and bled. He didn't gnaw any stitches out like with his tail; they're all still there. Now he's on lockdown in the crate unless I take him outside to potty. He still wants to play, but I'm pretty good at my job as Fun Monitor (ask the girls) and put a stop to it quickly.

Here's the really sad thing: poor dog's testicles are swollen to the size of a tennis ball. You can't tell there are two in there, it looks like just one big thing. I don't have much sympathy for penises (penii?) in general, but OUCH. They look like they need to be iced. Even worse, I have to keep an eye on the "area" to make sure the swelling goes down soon. Gah.

Theresa just took the kids to the park and on errands with her and Jordan. I'm now faced with the eternal dilemma - clean or nap?
Nap always wins.

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the ONLY peni!! said...

No sympathy huh?