Tuesday, October 03, 2006

death tag

Death tag. Tag of death. Any coincidence that I've started watching Six Feet Under on Bravo last night? I'd watched a few episodes here and there on HBO, but I'm really not cool enough to watch all the hip shows when they're actually on. I'll catch them on their second time around or on DVD, thankyouverymuch. (I actually watched a whole episode of Sex In The City last week!)

So death. Two years ago I couldn't watch any scene with a morgue or autopsy tables in it without having a panic attack. Since then, I've waffled between acceptance and blissful denial - my favorite - about the realities of the sitch. And then Frectis tagged me.

First of all, I want to be a diamond too! I've always wanted to be a diamond when I grow up! I don't exactly want to be embalmed or cremated as a matter of course (can't I just avoid the whole thing altogether?) but I'll put that aside for the sake of actually becoming a diamond. Or even just something like this, which is what Steph bought before they received the misinformation that cremains must remain together in order for the soul to get to heaven? or something like that....so my uncle remains in his box tucked in the hutch.

Here are my songs. Loved ones, consider yourselves duly informed, okay?

  1. Think of Laura, Christopher Cross. Natch.
  2. She Won't Go, Inclined
  3. Redemption Song, Bob Marley. (may be substituted with No Woman No Cry as needed)
  4. Forever Young, Alphaville

Tagging Gretchen and Nicki cause I can't think of three more people.


Anonymous said...

When I die, I want ya'll to get together and create meaningful music that tells stories from our travels in life together. Happy fun music, nothing depressing. Here are some single word suggestions to get you started now for fun: "Ferrari!", Cookies, Cornbread, Jackass, etc. See you in the afterlife! ;)

frectis said...

Ohhhhhh Forever Young. Such a spooky song to me for some reason. I have no clue what the lyrics are but the tune freaks me out.