Thursday, October 05, 2006

insert slew of expletives here

The ultimate punishment for not keeping up with working out - sacroiliac pain. I've had it for years, since the beginning of my pregnancy with Kaylie. I've tried every remedy under the sun for it, but nothing works as well as keeping the core muscles strong. Ohhhh am I paying the price. The knot is the size of an egg with little ones all around it. The pain radiates across my lower back, down into the hip on my right side, snaking into the joint, back out through the muscles of my thigh down the side of the femur into my knee joint. Then there are the times when the spasms send shots of nerve pain down the same path I just described. DOESN'T THAT SOUND LIKE FUN???

Kaylie has graced us with the first cold of the season and is home from school today. Claire had a fit when faced with the fact that she'd have to go to school without me (I usually help out on Thursdays) so I decided that she didn't have to go. Hey, if she had a year of school under her belt and knew the drill, was more comfortable with everything...then maybe I'd make her go. But guess what? She decided to go, all on her own! Yes she got teary, yes she had to put on a brave face but she did it. We couldn't be more proud. :)

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