Tuesday, November 21, 2006

American Music Awards

I strongly urge anyone on the West Coast (or in any other locations where it hasn't started yet...Arizona?) to watch the American Music Awards tonight on ABC. Gwen Stefani was SOOOOO good at rehearsals last night. No pictures per the artist's request, probably because tonight is the debut performance of her new song "Wind It Up". The performance features a live marching band and tons of dancers. Watching the rehearsals was phenomenal. Gwen was gorgeous (although too skinny for someone who just had a baby...I'm just sayin') and her voice was fab. Her energy while performing seems to come so naturally...where does it come from? Anyway, she's brilliant. (hey look, I found a picture from rehearsals on Gwen's site!)

And remember, Akon/Snoop are definitely worth watching, even if it's just to see the girl with booty for days who dances next to him at one point. Oooh, that was some booty! She's the kind of girl who has every right to wear pants with words on the butt.

Did I mention that I don't even like awards shows?

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Anonymous said...

Yo so crazy! Did I mention that award shows pay our bills? You should LOVE them! LOL ;) MWAH!