Saturday, December 02, 2006

my dog has hives

If it's not one thing, it's another. How many times have I said that this past year?

Buddy has hives. I'm pretty sure it's an allergic reaction to the dog shampoo I used on him yesterday, but it's also possible that something bit him. It's a pretty severe reaction - he's covered in welts the size of strawberries. His entire back is covered, his nose, his chest, his belly. One on his eye. Oh, my poor puppa-nuppa-duppa! He's on his second dose of Benadryl right now (first one last night) and while I do see an improvement in the amount of swelling, he's still obviously uncomfortable. :(

Meanwhile, I need to keep my camera with me at all times. I missed out on shooting a local brush fire last week (from beginning to end...we had a great view) and yesterday Claire and I saw a roadrunner in the mall parking lot! The trippy things I notice sometimes...


Gretchen said...

bgjhceabAw, poor Buddy. My puppy had hives this morning, too. Oh, no. Wait. My son. We have no idea what did it but Abie was *covered* from head to toe. Within an hour they were all but gone.

frectis said...

Okay, leave it to you to have a dog with hives, LOL! My poor Coco puppy is getting old. Do you remember that sweet baby dog? She limps when it's cold outside. She's 8.5 already.