Thursday, December 07, 2006


What ever am I doing up at such an atrocious hour, you ask? Working. Yeah, I know...sounds crazy coming from me but it's true! I'm doing something called an "as-broadcast" for a nameless, faceless music awards show. What this means is that I sit with the script and a DVD of the show, watch it, check for and correct any discrepancies between the broadcast and the original script. Confusing as mud? Shouldn't be. It's actually not so bad, but this awards show is challenging. I thought I knew music, but I've had to look up some of these performers to see how their names are spelled. (because I have to transcribe the winner's speeches as well) Krayzie Bone? Swizz Beatz? There was another very "unique" name starting with an R, but I can't remember it now and don't want to lose my place on page 167 of the script to look it up. Think I can work the word "script" into this post a few more times? Probably.

The best thing about this job is the little chunk of money I'll make just in time for the wretched holidays. I'm making more of an attempt to feign holiday cheer this year. We have lights on the house and a real evergreen wreath on the door. My natural inclination is to sleep through most of November and December, which explains the infrequent posts as of late. Go back and check out last November. Ha.

Speaking of infrequent posting, I need to challenge myself to get back to writing every day. I used to keep a journal but will settle for blogging. Copying Frectis as I always tend to do, I've joined Holidailies, the home version to try and keep myself inspired.

Right now I'm inspired for some sleep. Tomorrow is my volunteer day in kindergarten and I'm not looking forward to it for the sheer fact of having to wake up in the morning. I'm very tempted to pull an all-nighter and not sleep at all. We'll see, but tht's probably what I'll end up doing. I'll fancy up this post in the morning with links and stuff.

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frectis said...

First I thought MY GOD SHE IS UP DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS before I saw the 0329 time and wondered... ungodly for whom? ;) When did you switch to regular time for life? LOL, I'm used to you the night owl!

Oh and TAG! See my blog for the instructions ;) You know you love this crap.