Wednesday, December 20, 2006

bye-bye birdie

I am devastated to report that Binky is no longer. While coming into the house today after an afternoon shopping trip, two members of the family (who shall remain nameless but it was NOT ME) left the front door open and in the confusion - whoosh! A quick flutter of wings and Binky was out the door. I put his cage outside in front in hopes that he'll want to find his way back home, but the reality of it is that he won't survive the night for any number of reasons.

The kids were inconsolable for a while and felt really guilty, even though only one of them was directly responsible. The other felt bad for opening the cage door this morning, but I told her to. And I could say it's all my fault for not clipping the bird's wings. Josh keeps trying to sell me on this whole "moment of glory, free flight" thing, but I'm not buying it. I just can't get over the big empty space in the living room where the cage was.

Oh well. :(

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